Tokyo International Forum 5th Anniversary TOKYO ART JUNGLE
In the autumn of 2001, a competition was held among advertising agencies/curators by the Tokyo International Forum <> to commemorate its Fifth Anniversary with a "Tokyo Art Jungle",a three day art event to take place August 13-15, 2002. The objective was to open a new era for this most central and, arguably, most opulent of Tokyo's cultural facilities, utilizing both the enormity and complexity of its facilities in fresh and stimulating ways. Submissions were judged according to their creativity/experimentation with opening the Forum, the aim being to make it more accessible to the citizens of Tokyo.
Contemporary art is often perceived as addressing a limited audience--an offering difficult to understand without specialized knowledge. What a curator can offer is a clear exhibition "format" which takes the weight of explanation off the artists' shoulders, thus enabling all manner of visitors to walk away with a meaningful experience. My concept for the Tokyo Art Jungle exhibition was to visualize the Tokyo International Forum complex as one enormous magazine, where visitors could each select a "page" that interested them, be it in fashion, food, technology, sports, etc. Such an exhibition would readily appeal to Tokyoites from all walks of life, many of whom had never attended an exhibition before.
As a pre-event for the exhibition, from August 1~15 I curated and produced the TOKYO ART JUNGLE TRAIN, a complete 11-car replica of the world's busiest train line--the East Japan Rail Yamanote line--running in normal service daily from 05:00 until 25:00.

Tokyo International Forum
Tokyo, Japan
August 13-15, 2002
Planning / Production / Curation
Exhibition Sponsor: Tokyo International Forum
Planning and Administration: Tokyo International Forum, JR Higashinihon Kikaku Co., Ltd, 2dk Co., Ltd.
Producer / Curator:David d'Heilly
Planning / Production: 2dk
Production Management: JR Higashinihon Kikaku Co., Ltd.

Exhibition photosl

Featured magazines / Papers

Aloha! Yurakucho
Kein Dytham Architecture, Namaiki, Nakameguro Yakkyoku (DJ Quietstorm, DJ Klock, DJ Uppercut, Pardon Kimura), Tokyo Brewing Company, Yasunori Ikunishi, Keiji Ito, Kyotaro Aoki

An informal beach suddenly appeared in the plaza of the stately International Forum, situated in the heart of Tokyo's central business district, between the Imperial Palace and the Ginza. Occupying its 200m-long wooded area, DELUXE's installations, Tape drawings, stage and open-air stalls, created a relaxing and extraordinary space.

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Super Deluxe

Kei Komachiya

An installation of VMV film (a transport LED which becomes opague when electrical Bitmap images Passerdby trigger different images appear and disappear on the film. People could play hide-and-seek from both sides of the glass.

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Zero Gravity sports
Hidenori Kondo (producer), WORD PUBLIC

"Rampage", road signs, hand rail, stairs. At Tokyo's ideal skate spots there is always a "DO NOT SKATE" sign. Zero Gravity sports reproduces these lost skateboarding spots in B2F at the Tokyo International Forum.
Using 3000m x 3000m concrete space at B2F of Tokyo International Forum, Zero Gravity Sports remixed and reconstructed the complete scale of Tokyo's best skatebording spots. Japan's leading professional skaters and public applicant were invited to play. DJ performance accompanied the amazing feats of the skaters.
2 big screens were set in the next 2000m x 2000m space. Cameraman on the skateboard were sampling the action in the next space with CCD cameras, and the live image was shown on the screens.
A lot of Tokyo skate kids came with friends to play as well as many guest appearings, and this exhibition proved the Japanese skate culture.

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Silk Road Remix Recycle Project
Masahiro Nakagawa(20471120)

Masahiro Nakagawa, known for his fashion-remix projects, was invited by renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma to the Smithsonian Museum to contribute to the 2002 Silk Road exhibition. Nakagawa travelled the Silk Road from Italy to Kyrgystan communicating with all manner of persons he met along the way, and making exchanges for second-hand clothing fabrics. Using these materials, each piece of which has its own history and memories for people, he presented the project at the Smithsonian. In TOKYO ART JUNGLE, the project evolved to encompass the release of the Silk Road Remix Recycle Collection, as we set our sights on distributing the products available in the market.

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Green Map Project
Wendy Brawer & 40 Green Map volunteers and more

The Green Map Project is a map-making system which uses a common system of icons with an ever-growing variety of fascinating applications. Originally from New York City, the Project is expanding worldwide. At TAJ, over 40 volunteers have created 29 station maps for the JR Yamanote Line.
The project was exhibited from many angles using several conference rooms and corridors of the glasshall. Shown the documentary film of Tokyo children's rediscovery of natural surroundings even in the city through fieldworks. Internet corner for everyone to post their own GreenMap. A gallary with world GreenMaps. Long corridor facing Glass Hall windows was decorated with flat images of photographs and drawings of 29 Yamanote stations made by volunteers who participated the project. In the conference room in front of the complete Yamanote GreenMap, there were 29 boxes full of collages, words and images by volunteers to express each one's vision of the city. When visitors take their familiar ruite along the GreenMap, they could see the same scenary but through the eyes of someone eles, peeping in their microcosmos.
During the exhibition, the originator of the GreenMap system Wendy Brawer gave the special lectures. Many people, including students and community staffs, came to learn the comparison of the environment of New York and Tokyo as well as the history of the GreenMap.
More detail and photos are here

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Yamanotesen Green Map Project:
Green Map Japan:

The End of Reason
Divid Byrne

The multi-talented cultural icon David Byrne once again goes where few dare tread. Featuring photographs and perhaps the first great works of art on Microsoft PowerPoint software, Mr. Byrne subtly subverts the peculiar grammar of 'business presentations' in an aesthetically delightful manner.
They were exhibited in the 3 actual conference rooms of the International Forum. Each room had conference tables with chairs facing a screen. The visitors sit as a conference participant, watching the hiperstructed PowerPoint presentation.

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Luaka Bop label

Human Cuckoo Clock
Yasuaki Shimizu

Every hour on the hour from noon until 7PM on August 15th, internationally acclaimed saxophonist Yasuaki Shimizu performed Bach "cello suites" from the lofty heights of a glass walkway in the the Tokyo International Forum's 207m x 60m Glass Hall. Every hour the music filled the hall with reflection and echo, the air vibrated. As time went on, the sun, temperature, or humidity added special expression to each performance which created a fantastic moment to forget about our watch or time.

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15 minutes

"In the future, everybody will be world famous for fifteen minutes." (Andy Warhol). Poeple sing songs of the stars in Karaoke, but perhaps few people actually have the chance to stand on the stage as a star. In this event, audience members had the opportunity to be performers during a 15 minute tour. Visitors had their moment under the spotlights to see the seats from one of Tokyo's premiere stages, the very same one many famous musicians and actors have stood on. The staff of the 5000 capacity concert hall ran the lights and the sound for the pulic instead of some famous orchestra or rock star.

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Super Milk Lounge
Hideyuki Tanaka

A themed cafe that invited people into the animation world. Featuring cult charactor "Super Milk Chan", CG artist Hideyuki Tanaka designed a cool and happy space. The effect was like walking inside of an anime. At the bar counter milky drinks were served free (coffee, strawberry or fruit milk... somehow nostalgic, as they are usually sold at schools' or in community centers' bending machines) with Milk Chan stickers and in their original paper cups. Riotously colourful screens hung from the ceiling. 10 iMacs were provided for visitors to sample the groovy shockwave antics of Miss Most Milky.


2dk (coopolation: Yukio Hattori, Yoritsugu Katagiri)

What did the Last Supper taste like? Which one? 2000 years ago in Jerusalem? 500 years ago in Da Vinci's depiction? Edible edification. Culinary archeology for the information age. Visitors tasted with their own tongue the history of cuisine and the voyage of its spread. A life-sized recreation of Leonardo's masterpiece hung in this resplendant reception hall as it most likely appeared when he finished it. In front of it, tables were located allowing people to sit down at the supper table with Christ. On the tables, breads, olive and oil herring to be served free for all. Visitors savoured the braed which is still made and eaten with exactly the same ingredients and recipe as in ancient times, checking the discripition panel of historical evidence and comparison between their tongue and Da Vinci's menu.

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Wake up

Lost luggage and projections that change that luggage into a number of different animated sculptures by young design brain pool Wake up. When people approach the sensor in the conter bell, the picture appeared on the screen of coats and luggeges. A beautiful trompe l'oeil in functionable space.

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Brief for Girls
the panties (eri, DIS*TOKIO , Naoko Ishii, ten-do-ten)

Why don't girls wear briefs!?! Teenager/model/musician Eri and her mysterious friends presented an installation of original briefs and T-shirts for girls. The installation also featured regular live performances by the panties, a rocking quintet of musicians playing tunes from their cell phones. And hearts.

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2dk, evala, Muneyoshi Tsuchiya

What can computers do to the formal antichanber?
Young minimalist electronic musician evala installed sound complexes on six iMacs in an elegant airport lounge-like chill space with Barcelona chairs and chic glass tables. Visitors were invited to have a session with people sitting next to them.
To the side glass screens were containing flower arrangements gorgeously and sensitively.

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Film Time
Movies and Motion Graphics:
Hiroyuki Nakano, Nobuhiro Suwa, Takahiro Morita, Digitalismoss, Kohki Hasei, Shogo Yabuuchi, Tetsuya Nakajima, Kenji Yamauchi

STEREOTYPE PRODUKTS, Tsuyoshi Hirooka , Tsuyoshi Kusano, Power Graphixx, ZAKURO, Delaware, teevee graphics, CAVIA&TYG, Mao Kawaguchi, Maiko Tamura, AC department, Polygon Pictures, Satoshi Tomioka

nutron, portable [k]ommunity

Three days, three festivals. Why not?
Day One: A day to approach to the new presence of the theatre. Started with "ON THE BOAT" as a material to remix at Filmz kool, followed by abstract film and video artists accompanied by live musicians.
Day Two: Featuring post-fictional films. Neither documentary nor fiction, a rare screening of Nobuhiro Suwa's "H_story," (a contemporary remake of Alain Resnais' "Hiroshima Mon Amour" featuring Beatrice Dalle and Kou Machida), new videos by skateboard artists, etc.
Day Three: Not a cinema, not a TV but a laptop. Featuring Motion Graphics, the leaders of this new moving image phenomenon emanating from Tokyo. Young artsists go out and shoot with handy camera, and edit flexibly with laptop.
Three days of film and video makers going out into the world, and bringing back world of rich sensibility, wit and ingenuity.

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Filmz Kool
Binbun Furusawa

Instead of just sitting in front of the screen in the theatre, let's walk in the films! Utilizing the fully-equipped Forum facility, a guerilla film workshop was held allowing participants to create their own original piece on the 7th floor hall by cutting and pasting a film which was shown first at the audio visual hall on the 1th floor. Instructed by prolific independent film producer Binbun Furusawa, this workshop gave more than 30 participants an idea of practical and experimental film shooting technique, non-linear editing, film remixing, and easy tips on drama... Binbun and the staff from the film took them back through the process, and invited them to shoot and compose a short film quickly and precisely.

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Comic Twister Inc.

Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Ochestra (Special Paticipant)
Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Ochestra

Tokyo Metropolitan Philharmonic Orchestra fostered the 3 different exhibitions: Yoshiaki Teramoto played solo flute for Word Space. String ensemble for Mangiare, and brass quintet for the Silkroad Remix Recycle Project. (8/13 only)

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Word Space
Utakata(space produce),Akira the Hustler+JohnJ,Shizu Usami, nutron

Just as Japanese and Europians form different pictures of a fruit when they hear the word 'apple', so the word 'summer' evokes different images according to each one's memory and way of thinking. Holding 'word' as a keyword, this exhibit started with the idea of giving shapes to the various faces of words.
The space was produced by haze, a model unit, who conjured up a plot of living grass in a concrete building. Visitors took off their shoes, stepped on the grass barefoot, enjoying the grassy smell and comfortable music, drinking self-service cold tea.

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Sign System
Atlier Bow Wow
As a pre-event for the exhibition, from August 1-15th, 2dk curated and produced the TOKYO ART JUNGLE TRAIN.
2dk: Planning / Production
- Zero Gravity Sports
Exhibited "Zero Gravity Sports" at the "BUZZ CLUB" and "TOKYO ART JUNGLE".
2dk: Planning / Production
- Silk Road Remix Recycle Project
Exhibited "Silk Road Remix Recycle Project" at the "BUZZ CLUB", "Smithsonian Folklife Festival 2002" and "TOKYO ART JUNGLE".
2dk: Planning / Production
- Green Map Project
2dk: Planning / Production
Tokyo International Forum