Tokyo International Forum 5th Anniversary TOKYO ART JUNGLE TRAIN
As a pre-event for the exhibition, from August 1~15th I curated and produced the TOKYO ART JUNGLE TRAIN: an 11-car train from the world's busiest train line--the East Japan Rail Yamanote line--running in normal service daily from 05:00 until 25:00 (schedule varying from day to day). Eight artists and artist groups from the Tokyo Art Jungle used the train as an installation space, utilizing areas normally used for advertising as well as those without precedent in Japan (e.g., floors and ceilings). This work was easily one of the most public "public art" projects ever staged in Tokyo, bringing contemporary art to well over a million people during its run.

October 1 - 15 2002
JR Yamanote Line Tokyo, Japan
special pre exhibition of the "TOKYO ART JUNGLE" .

2dk: Total Production, Planning

David Byrne, Masahiro Nakagawa(20471120), Hideyuki Tanaka, Namaiki, Hidenori Kondo, WORD PUBLIC, Shizu Usami, Wendy Brawer+40 Green Map Volunteer staff and more.

Special Cooporation: JR East, JR Higashinihon Kikaku

- Tokyo International Forum TOKYO ART JUNGLE
August 13-15, 2002